Oklahoma weather timeline - 1970-1979

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The Oklahoma Weather Timeline provides a decade-by-decade listing of interesting or disastrous events that have occurred in Oklahoma's weather history. For more detailed daily summaries (since 2003) please view the Oklahoma monthly climate summaries.


Timeline 1970-1979

1971 February 21-22: Blizzard in northwest Oklahoma. Buffalo receives 36 inches of snow, state record for storm-total snowfall.

1971: Driest March of century, statewide-averaged precipitation of 0.38 inch.

1973: Wettest March of century, statewide-averaged precipitation of 7.46 inches.

1973 May 24: Tornado at Union City is the first intercepted and photographed by "chase team" deployed for that purpose.

1973 October 11: 15.68 inches of rain at Enid, state record daily and 24 hour rainfall (fell in 13 hours). 12 inches fell in 3hours. Flash-flooding killed 9.

1974: Coolest September of century, statewide-averaged temperature of 65.4 degrees.

1974 June 8: F4 tornado kills 14 in Drumright.

1975 February: 6 tornadoes, record for month.

1977 August 27-28: 12 inches of rain fell near Cache, 7.7 inches in 6 hours.

1978: Dr. Amos Eddy designated Oklahoma State Climatologist, the first non-federal employee to hold that position.